Epic Artists Films offers services in the following areas –

Script Development

In cases where you simply require feedback and development notes on your screenplay, Crystal Diane Stevens can provide you with a script read for $99.00.

Being aware of all industry standards in terms of format, structure; dialog, character, theme (and more) she will provide coverage with or without a synopsis – commenting on all elements.

Basic Feedback, without a synopsis, concerns itself with commenting on the script as it is.

Development Services, however, provide not only comments/feedback on the script as is, but goes beyond Basic Feedback to supply story development notes.

Script feedback and development are a routine part of the process in the film industry, and your script at one point or another will be subject to this process. Be it through an agent, a producer, or a studio, your script will most likely be evaluated first by a Story Analyst/Script Reader. Script coverage will be written by employed readers, and most development executives won’t read your script. However, they WILL read the internal coverage written by their employed readers.

It is often useful for a writer to gain insight into what experienced industry professionals might say about his/her script. Professional readers not only take into account story, character, and/or format, but we also have to look at its commercial potential to consider if a script makes for a viable, profitable film that will find an audience and mitigate the risk to investors, and studios.

Screenplay Ghost-Writing/Editing/Formatting

If you have completed a screenplay, pilot, short script or web-series written, we can help you elevate your script on all levels to meet with all industry standards. Services include basic editing, ghost-writing, and formatting. Note that all works are handled on a ‘work-for-hire’ basis, meaning that we function strictly as ghost-writers; no writing credit is granted to us. You maintain 100% of your Copyright.

Since we handle many indie projects, our rates are fair and reasonable. However, a free phone consultation is required upfront to determine the extent of work involved and the actual rate. Turnaround times will also be discussed. 

Art Direction

With a flair for style and the talent to create impressive visuals, Epic Artists Films offers their creative, film-making skills to invent your image.

With our own team of website creators on-board, we go beyond the basics to also offer complete artistic design – selecting all elements to convey your message while targeting your desired clientele. Epic Artists offers complete art direction services for your website.

From writing original content, to purchasing domains, Epic will also determine the pages you require on your site. Epic will research and select the proper images, relying on stock footage and often stock images to create an outstanding design. Of course, original photography and footage can be created if required, but we will present to you the full range of choices (designs, color schemes, font choices, and various visual concepts) to come up with a website design that exceeds your expectations.

With your website being your handshake, and often your first impression to the world, we understand what it takes to make a good impression with words, colors and images. Epic Artists can also help you properly establish your company by overseeing graphic artists to create your logo as well.

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation and a list of complete services involved for both Basic and Executive Level Art Direction Services. 

Short Films

Through experience we have learned that flawless films result only when you hire seasoned professionals utilizing top-notch equipment. Our philosophy is that if we want the best outcome, we have to hire the best talent, and we have to provide them with the best tools.

Epic Artists Films believes in setting the bar higher on every level, but contact us to discuss possible fees for your short film project. 

As with any film, short or feature, there are 3 phases. Epic Artists Films will guide your film project through all 3 phases.


At this stage, script development and writing come first; refining your script’s content to bring forth it’s unique, artistic and commercial elements to the surface. Once that’s complete (at a maximum of 15 pages to meet film festival guidelines) we will proceed to work on casting, searching for and securing locations; assembling a crew, selecting a director, preparing a shot list, and dealing with any other necessary paperwork (release forms, contracts, selecting equipment, preparing a shooting schedule, etc.) We will also assist with organizing transportation, catering needs, hotel arrangements, wardrobe, and much more.

Production –

This is as it sounds, and all work done in phase 1 leads to production, phase 2, where the actual film is shot. Epic Artists Films will take many measures on-set at all times to ensure that we are getting the very best quality images and footage with proper lighting and sound.

We will also see to it that we are backing up footage on set while we are shooting to prevent any possible loss of footage at all times. As is standard practice, Epic Artists Films will provide the hiring party with a hard-drive containing all footage while also providing back-ups to our post-production team.

Post-Production –

The third and final phase is post-production. Here the Producer and Director collaborate with an Editor to edit the film. The first step here is the assembly of the rough cut.

Many choices are made here in terms of which shots will be used, how to highlight the best performances – experimenting in this phase is highly encouraged.

Many people say that this is the stage where the actual film gets made as opposed to when it’s being shot – we agree!

Given that this stage is crucial, is it often the longest part of the film-making process. It calls for the most creativity, thought, and attention to detail in terms of color-correction, color scheme, shot selection, graphics, music, credits, poster work, and much more.

Festivals to Distribution –

Should you opt to hire the Epic team to oversee film festival submissions and stay involved until we are able to secure distribution for your film, these services are considered additional services that not included in the services listed above. Please feel free to contact us for more information and monthly rates.


Since the industry has evolved to a point where pitches to investors and to industry executives are now done more frequently via trailer/video pitch versus simply a written feature or pilot script, Epic Artists Films fully understands the importance creating a huge impact in a matter of minutes.

Ranging from 2 to 5 minutes in length, the aim is to leave them wanting more while putting your best foot forward on screen (images, sound, and content) to elicit interest in your project, and results.

Epic Artists Films believes that every second of every visual pitch, trailer, or short film matters – our dedicated team will create your trailer by engaging in ALL the same 3 stages of film-making listed above for short films. This includes of course includes writing, casting, locations, equipment, handling the actual shoot, and post-production, etc. Contact us for more details regarding fees. 

Music Videos

Our ability to incorporate our branding skills to assist your group in developing a style, image and identity to present to the market, Epic Artists Films will utilize our access to talent across a broad spectrum of industries to help you formulate a look and brand to deliver your music in an unforgettable fashion. Be it locations, clothing, make-up artists, innovative editing, colors and graphics, along with many other choices, Epic Artists Films will formulate a unique style and image to enhance your music.

Demo Reels

Epic Artists can help you write, edit, and score your demo reel. Because needs and scope often vary, please Contact Us for a consultation to discuss your needs/receive a quote. 

Equipment Consultation

For those only in the market for guidance on specific equipment that serves your project’s needs best, Epic Artists Films can arrange a one-on-one consultation in person, by email, Skype, or by phone.

You can discuss your project with one our experts and receive a full list of options and specific recommendations regarding the best choices to achieve the look and feel you want.

With constant shifts in technology impacting equipment choices, we can give you the insight you need to make the right choices within your budget to get the most out of your film shoot. 

Terms and Conditions

Epic Artists Films has a no refund policy on deposits and on projects where work has already started.  

Epic Artists Films will perform duties on a work-for-hire basis unless other terms are negotiated with clients.